2020 has been a year. From COVID19 to the resurgence of the struggle for racial equity and Black Lives Matter to calling for greater collecive accountability, we're all likely barely surviving. However, it's time to do more. We have less than 100 days until the United States of America 2020 Election. Now is the time to show up, engage, & take action. Daily you can find a list of events, actions, & news to help.

Days Until USA Election 2020 (CT)
Day 69

Day 69

Published last at 6:20pm CDT August 26 2020, subject to change throughout the day.

Where do we begin.

Last night a white teenager from Illinois took it upon themselves to drive to Kenosha, armed with an AR-15, to join those - that some outlets are calling it - that are "prepared to defend buildings".

Said teenager proceeded to use their gun during the protests. Three are confirmed to have been shot, two of those fatally. Files have been charged.

The NIMBY rheotric so proudly flaunted earlier this week at that convention is eeirely timed with this.

Let's not write this off as the lone act of a vigilante. We need to name what this act is, white supremacy.

Chicago's WBEZ reported:

According to witness accounts and video footage, police apparently let the young man responsible for the shootings walk past them with a rifle over his shoulder as members of the crowd were yelling for him to be arrested because he had shot people.

White supremacy is domestic terrorism.



  • If this week isn't showing why we all need to show and engage in antiracism work, well Kim Crayton will show you. She is running "Being an Antiracist at Home" on Saturday August 29 2020 @ 10:00am CDT register today. Please note the workshop requires you to read The 1619 Project.
  • Deepfakes are terrifying, especially as we see all the "fake news" rheotric thrown around. Learn about Deepfakes and the US Elections with University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public and Microsoft on Tuesday September 1 2020 @ 1:00pm CDT. Register here.
  • Run for Something has a series of "Unapologetically Progressive" events in battleground states. The next event - Unapologetically Progressive in Michigan - is on September 15 2020 @ 7:00pm CDT you can register here. Pop over to their event page for all the other events in the series here.

Call to Action

Just for fun

I mentioned loving scifi and fantasy earlier. The official accompanying podcast for Lovecraft Country is 🔥. Y'all should check it out. Why? Here's a few reasons why 👇🏾

  • Learning about the writing room is fascinating.
  • Think horror isn't that interesting? Try again! "Horror is the last place for hope" as co-host Ashley C. Ford sums up. This podcast will challenge how you think of scifi, fantasy, and horror. It is a much needed critical exploration in how privilege, racism, and white supremacy inform but also can be confronted in the creative spaces of storytelling and entertainment.

Go listen now, available on Spotify and other fine places.