2020 has been a year. From COVID19 to the resurgence of the struggle for racial equity and Black Lives Matter to calling for greater collecive accountability, we're all likely barely surviving. However, it's time to do more. We have less than 100 days until the United States of America 2020 Election. Now is the time to show up, engage, & take action. Daily you can find a list of events, actions, & news to help.

Days Until USA Election 2020 (CT)
Day 3

Day 4

Published last at 11:33am CDT October 30 2020, subject to change throughout the day.

84,541,764 have been cast for Election 2020 thus far accounting for 61.3% of the total votes cast in the 2016 general election.

In Minnesota the 8th Circuit court has ruled to reject all absentee ballots received after 8:00pm on Election Day.

Unphased by these efforts, though, many have been heeding the call with early voting and mail-in voting records continuing to be broken.

In Texas more than 9 million have already been cast, which is more than 2016 turnout. This impressive turnout has offiically flipped the state to be considered a "Toss-up" by various forecasters.

Additionally, in another tightly monitored state, Georgia, Senate challenger Jon Ossoff reported last night that incumbent David Perdue cancelled their last debate for this weekend. Perdue cites his commitments to aiding Trump for the cancellation whereas Ossoff cites their Wednesday debate.

These continued efforts of squashing support for mail-in options and the continued developments where see see states - once considered Republican safegrounds - gaining Democratic momentum shows us that we can and do have the power.

It's up to every single one of us to:

  • Vote today, vote early and if you cannot make a plan to arrive early on November 3rd to vote
  • Inspire those in your networks to vote
  • Use tools like IWillVote.com and BallotReady.com to help

And most importantly, take care of yourself and one another, it's going to be a wild next week, and COVID's third wave is just starting.

Let's take a leaf out of AOC's book and "drink water and don't be racist".


Election 2020: Voting Guides

Cook County Illinois - If you're in Cook County, look no further for information on how to vote on your judges. Injustice Watch has a guide for you. - Girl, I Guess has a progressive voters guide as well. Also available in Spanish!

California - Cal Matters - Greenlining on Ballot Propositions

I'm collecting voting guides over at #GetYourVotingGuide! If you have one please contribute and share widely!


Call to Action

  • Squash misinformation about the Election by staying up to date with the CISA Rumor Control website
  • University of Chicago's Election Cyber Surge (ECS) program](https://harris.uchicago.edu/research-impact/centers-institutes/cyber-policy-initiative/election-cyber-surge) is crowdsourcing data related to election incidents such as longlines, voting equipment malfunctions, cyberattacks, mis/disinformation, and more. Fill out the form here to help.
  • If you can, donate to help Democrats in the "Super State" elections of Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and. North Carolina. These states have 80 much needed electrocal votes and five senate seats! ActBlue will split donations across these Super States. Donate today!
  • If you voted early, keep your eyes peeled to confirm your vote has been 1.) received and 2.) approved. Examples of ballot tracking programs include BallotTrax and BallotTrace. Here's an article to help you get started.
  • Get your flu shot, here's a list of where to get it.
  • Download and use this "Donald Trump Must [Bin]Go" card that includes actionable items you can do now until Election Day 2020 by Clara Bellum!
  • Read and prepare to vote. Here's a "How to Vote in the 2020 Election" guide prepared by FiveThirtyEight.

Just for fun

Grudge, my most favorite Aquarian Space Catte and Star Trek Discovery heart throb, has been "sharing" some news and insights on Twitter. They are all brilliant, including the news that "when I wave my tail gracefully, I'm waving from my carriage as I pass".