2020 has been a year. From COVID19 to the resurgence of the struggle for racial equity and Black Lives Matter to calling for greater collecive accountability, we're all likely barely surviving. However, it's time to do more. We have less than 100 days until the United States of America 2020 Election. Now is the time to show up, engage, & take action. Daily you can find a list of events, actions, & news to help.

Days Until USA Election 2020 (CT)
Day 1

Day 1

Published last at 5:15pm CDT November 2 2020, subject to change throughout the day.

97,665,370 have been cast for Election 2020 thus far accounting for 70.9% of the total votes cast in the 2016 general election.

Many are forecast that the odds are highly in favor of Joe Biden including: - The Economist giving 19 in 20 odds of winning the electoral college and most votes - FiveThirtyEight forecasting 89 out of 100 odds

Yet some of those forecasters are also reminding you that, Trump can still possibly win, as FiveThirtyEight reminds us, "a huge part of why our model and others’ think Trump can still win is the Electoral College. Trump has only a 3 percent chance of winning the popular vote in our model."

Luckily, in the backdrop of this we are seeing some promising rulings that are pushing back at the unconstitutional, criminal attempt to steal votes. A Federal judge today threw out yet another attempt to invalidate some 127,000 votes collected at drive-through voting sites in Houston. Justice Hanen asked, "Why am I just getting this case?" noting that the drive-through voting has been ongoing all summer.

So what can we expect tomorrow? Anyone paying attention to the rhetoric of both camps and how they are making their closing arguments knows that the Trump response is to try to demand a result tomorrow.

But that isn't how our election works. We won't have the result tomorrow. In fact, it is NORMAL to not have a result on Election Day. It will take some time. We have 1.) a pandemic 2.) unprecedented number of early voter ballots cast. Also, Trump and his cronies won't let the results stand without some meddling, so we all must be prepared and stand vigilant.

Tomorrow I will be an Election Judge in Chicago, working 5am to 7pm CT for when polls are open to close and then however long it takes after to officially submit votes.

So while there are those of us working the polls, we need every single one of you to turn out and vote and help others to if you can.

If you weren't able to today and need to vote tomorrow, you are still able to register in the following states:

I'll see you all on the other side.


Election 2020: Voting Guides

Cook County Illinois - If you're in Cook County, look no further for information on how to vote on your judges. Injustice Watch has a guide for you. - Girl, I Guess has a progressive voters guide as well. Also available in Spanish!

California - Cal Matters - Greenlining on Ballot Propositions

I'm collecting voting guides over at #GetYourVotingGuide! If you have one please contribute and share widely!


Well, really, the biggest thing to watch out for is Election Day 2020 - it's tomorrow y'all. Here's some places of where to watch for updates: - Crooked Media (the crew that brings you Pod Save America) is going live tomorrow at 5:30pm CT, subscribe here to get a reminder on YouTube. - CBS has compiled a list here too.

Call to Action

  • Squash misinformation about the Election by staying up to date with the CISA Rumor Control website
  • University of Chicago's Election Cyber Surge (ECS) program](https://harris.uchicago.edu/research-impact/centers-institutes/cyber-policy-initiative/election-cyber-surge) is crowdsourcing data related to election incidents such as longlines, voting equipment malfunctions, cyberattacks, mis/disinformation, and more. Fill out the form here to help.
  • If you voted early, keep your eyes peeled to confirm your vote has been 1.) received and 2.) approved. Examples of ballot tracking programs include BallotTrax and BallotTrace. Here's an article to help you get started.
  • Get your flu shot, here's a list of where to get it.
  • Download and use this "Donald Trump Must [Bin]Go" card that includes actionable items you can do now until Election Day 2020 by Clara Bellum!
  • Read and prepare to vote. Here's a "How to Vote in the 2020 Election" guide prepared by FiveThirtyEight.

Just for fun

The best Election 2020 campaign I have seen, enjoy.